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I am currently working on the Florida Census Transcription Project. I will come back at a later date and transcribe more records!! As of 14 Mar 2009 I am settings some ground rules.... You may request as many as two lookups NOT TO EXCEED a TEN YEAR time frame. I just had one indiviudual abuse this volunteer for 30 plus years request and I am very upset. If you need more than that 10 year window I suggest you seek a professional researcher. Sorry but I am not here to do all of your research. I am a stay at home mom who would rather make time for a son then let someone take away that time. Sorry people but if you cannot be kind to volunteers than volunteers will go away.... This site is here because I care about people and love to help others in their research but don't abuse me and READ my pages fully to know and see what I have. I am a bit worried as to the integrity of my transcriptions I have in the last month had one individual want to take a 10 page completed transcription without cause. I think he may have worked for but I am not sure. (Don't quote me on that) If you are wanting a completed section for something tell me why, if you are from Ancestry go away. I own the following rolls and if you cannot correctly transcribe and you feel the need to take from a volunteer I will be seeking full credit and COMPENSATION... Nuff said! Sorry I have to vent because what I am seeing is making me very upset.

Information to keep in mind:

Reading these rolls can be time consuming because writing is difficult to read, letters too tightly written, flowing letters which you have to determine what the letters are, i.e. I looked for Fischer and it looks like Hischer. Or just plain small so there are a lot of issues to deal with when looking at these rolls. So when making a request, please let me know if you believe there might have been variations in SURNAMES. I did a lookup for LAST NAME: Gillen and it showed up on the death index as Gillian's. If you provide me with just a year to search and I find no name listed I do check the years before and after just to make sure.

Also most of the pages are severely faded and I do make notes about them, when I see them. Transcription errors can be seen on the pages, and I may have made spelling errors when transcribing.

All listings are now in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, I know that it makes things easier, so as not to have to jump around. I have changed the pages also to include the notes per pages (i.e., faded or damaged). I keep getting requests for information I do NOT have so I thought that people would have to read the notes before looking things up.

The following comes from a professional researcher who does research at KDLA

"There were two attempts in Kentucky to devise a system for recording birth and deaths prior to 1910.  The first occurred around 1851-52 when it was proposed the tax collector of each county would record birth and deaths in any particular family when evaluating yearly taxes. Well, this did not go over very well and information was collected haphazardly.  The tax collectors complained the extra time needed to collect this type of information without any compensation was excessive. Therefore, in the county records for each Kentucky county you have births and deaths beginning about 1852-1861 or so. The same system was tried again around 1874; however, it only lasted a few years. There are a few years available up to about 1879.  Evidently the tax collectors for some counties did not mind this extra task and records were recorded better than others." Anne

Books and CD's I own

"Death Notices for Jefferson County, Kentucky and Other Areas, Volume One",

compiled by SSG Alan D Murray


"Kentucky Marriages Records" From the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

 With an Index by Eleanor Antoniak copyright 1983


"Kentucky Vital Records: Marriages 1780 - 1920 Selected Counties" Copyright 2000 by, Inc.


she has graciously offered her services and please be specific in your requests.

I have a couple of books that I could do look ups in.
1. The Settle/Suttle Family book by William Emmett Reese.  This family settled Rocky Hill in Barren Co., KY.  They are also the ones who made the Settle rifles and have a Historical Marker for them in Barren County.
2.  Baren County KY Cemetery Records

FYI: I do not live in Kentucky and I get to requests as quick as possible. I have these rolls due to the fact I was hitting a bit of a brick wall. Someone donated a microfiche reader to me and I have rigged it to read Microfilm rolls. So I can do lookup requests at home now. I also have a toddler who takes up a lot of my time, and he usually wins out over requests.

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