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Please contact me at chelle_shonk#yahoo!com (correct when sending), for any corrections or ADDITIONS

Marriages are in ALPHABETICAL order - Alternate Spellings are listed are within brackets () if there are any corrections in spelling please contact me.

Names that have been corrected by others are annotated with a *

Notes For Marriages Please READ

These are now posted to a website, due to space issues on free space I have posted them on another site I have. Hopefully in the next few months I will be able to pay for space and keep everything on one site. Bills and like come first.

IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR SURNAME I SUGGEST YOU GO TO FAMILYSEARCH.ORG'S PILOT PROGRAM. CLICK ON SEARCH OR BROWSE OUR COLLECTIONS AND SCROLL DOWN TO KENTUCKY MARRIAGES. If your name does not come up I would try a year range. Misspellings I have found are pretty drastic. Familysearch is doing it right by keeping it free so let them know they ought to keep it that way.

Alphabetical by Grooms - All Marriages are listed as being in Jefferson Co., Kentucky

Alphabetical by Brides - All Marriages are listed as being in Jefferson Co., Kentucky

This is what I can tell you (from personal experience) in the 1890's; you can get a marriage license, in the early 1900's you can get marriage BONDS. This is from personal experience. Bonds do not tell you much though... These can be obtained from Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives(KDLA) "Research Services> Form: Marriage Record Request". They request that you narrow down your marriage time frame to a five year window. They may be able to assist in the missing index years, since they are the main holders of the archives.*****I am not sure where is getting their data, but it could be directly from the files of KDLA for all I know. They also seem to have the index for the missing death records, and births more or less. Browse and Tinker with names and dates. Their collection is pretty vast for the various states.

Marriage Records:

1852, 1854-1860, 1892-1894, 1901, 1903-1904, 1906, 1908-1909

Marriages from 1852 -1894 are from roll #994040

Marriages from 1901-1909 are from roll #994041

Marriages for 1852 Transcribed -list both individuals, residence, age, condition (single, divorced, widowed) and locality of birth (US or another country) there is also a remarks section. Some of the marriages actually do have remarks written, most look like personal remarks of the individual writing down the information.  If you wish to have the rest of this information please email me.

No 1853 Marriages

Marriages for 1854 Transcribed- provides age, marital status and place of birth contact me for this info. Several brides names do not have a Surname.

Marriages for 1855 Transcribed - difficult to read, small cursive... provides age, marital status and place of birth contact me for this info.

Marriages for 1856 Transcribed -provides age, marital status and place of birth contact for the rest of the information

Marriages for 1857 Transcribed are not in date order, and do not look like full calendar years.

Marriages for 1858 Transcribed -There are only 35 Marriages recorded for this year.

Marriages starting in 1859 Transcribed: this year is when marriages begin in date order. contact for more info. This year does not provide any extra info except for place of birth. There are 6 colored marriages and on the page it says "Free Persons of Color". This year was very difficult since penmanship was very hard to read.

Marriages for 1860 (Transcribed) lists ONLY those marriages for Jan 1st thru May 31st. Page for Jan is torn, about 16 names are affected. Many of these list age at time of marriage please contact for the rest of the info. (Beginning 20 Apr 1860)

Marriages for 1892 Are COLORED MARRIAGES only TRANSCRIBED, this is not a full calendar year, (only 4 pages total) the months for this year is as followed:

MAR lists only the last few days (25-31)

Full months - APRIL, MAY, and OCT,

NOV ends on the 14th,

5 marriages listed for JUNE, 1 marriage for SEPT. recorded

On the last page it states "Total No of Colored Marriages for 14 months beginig [sic] Sept 15th 1891 ending November 15th 1892

Five Hundred + Seven 507"

One of these pages was pretty badly creased 4 names are not legible! ~

Marriages for 1893 TRANSCRIBED, (Not a full calendar year) Starts at Sept 15 - 28, Oct thru Dec are FULL MONTHS.

Colored Marriages for 1893 TRANSCRIBED, (Not a full calendar year) Starts at Sept 19-28, Oct thru Dec are FULL MONTHS.

Marriages for 1894 STOPS at SEPT, the last few days in this month are barely legible TRANSCRIBED

Colored Marriages for 1894 TRANSCRIBED, Jan - 11 Apr (11 Apr thru 6 July, 9 July - 6 Sept are creased pages, names are severely faded. Only a few are readable). Transcription done as well as possible.

There are NO 1900 Marriages!

Marriages for 1901 give very little information, just the name of Groom and Bride. Transcribed!!

There are NO 1902 Marriages!

1903 marriages, TRANSCRIBED

1904 marriages, TRANSCRIBED

There are NO Colored Marriages for 1904!

Marriages for mid-May 1906 to abt 2 June 1906 COLORED MARRIAGES this particular page has almost no names of grooms, this page is severely faded, but the brides names are almost legible..TRANSCRIPTION IN PROGRESS

I have a random 1906 page of marriages transcribed.

Colored Marriages for 1908 are from January to June 1st.

Colored Marriages for 1909: One page has just the names of grooms there are no brides names written down.

The marriages are now in Surname Order with just names and date of marriage.

Felt that it would help people better when looking by surname and for less confusion.


Updated: 17 April 2009

There are over 9,400 Marriages Transcribed.