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I do this cause I have gotten what info I need from the rolls and I thought this would help others like others have helped me.

I also felt that keeping this info to myself would be foolish!    


As of 1 July 07 I decided to change format, Marriages are now located on a separate page.

28 Mar 08 Site change due to Rootsweb Policy changes.......What I do is free, I don't expect anyone to pay for MY TRANSCRIPTIONS!!!!


I have changed these records to .PDF format since I am unable to take my spreadsheets and just put them into any website. Too much DATA!! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader..

27 APRIL 08 -- POSTED ON A SEPERATE WEB PAGE, I had a complaint that an individual could not open this .pdf


Jefferson County Births



The years that I have are 1852, 1854-1859, 1900-1906 (see below), 1908-1909 as for the missing years I suggest you try they seem to have baptismal records for various years. I suggest you try variatons of your surname it seems to work better.


The table is as followed:

Name of child (Surname or first name of slave child), Date of Birth, Father / Slave owners (1852, 1854), Mother's name if listed, Gender, Race, Condition, and Comments.


Any corrections on spelling are greatly appreciated!

The ONLY Birth records on these rolls for 1900, 1902, and 1905 lists only the births for the month of December, not full calendar year!

These records are now in Alphabetical order and info is very brief. I wanted to get one standard format, my tables seemed to be all over the place..                   

For the rest of the birth info on 1852 and the rest of the years please contact for these pages.


1852 Births  Transcibed: Most of these pages do not list a name of child, I believe a lot of the births were recorded from Slave owners which may be why there is no name listed, so you will see a lot of ----, or just a first name. There are a couple of duplicates I did not combine due to spellings or dates of birth their were 2 dates in some cases for one child.

Within the 1852 pages I found one page (intertwined) that said 1853, I don't know for sure if they are 1853 births but they are posted as 1853!


1854 Births - Transcription Complete, there are many spelling issues and alternates have been given, when I could not give an alternate a ? is given. This has been transcribed as best as possible. Some of the father's names look flip flopped and are noted as best as Possible!!


1855 Births Random/Page These pages are very hard to read, and I have alot of spelling issues

I have transcribed one page from 1856, 1857, and 1858 births.


The 1900 births mainly list surname of FATHER and do not have a first name listed. These births conflict with earlier births, but that is the way these records were listed. So you will see just a name and no other info, could not figure out any other way to keep from conflicting with 1850's births


Births for Dec 1900 - Jan 1901 (1900 births on record is Dec only)

Unless otherwise stated, name of child is just the last name of father

? means unsure of the spelling; OTHERWISE WRITTEN AS SPELLED

The only births listed for 1900 are for December and this is only a partial month at best. I also have listed some of the births for January 1901 because they were intertwined.

I have one random page for 1901, page was faded and is so noted


Births for Dec 1902 - Jan 1903 (1902 births on record is Dec only)

The only births listed for 1902 are for December and this is only a partial month at best. I also have listed some of the births for

January 1903 because they were intertwined.

I also have random pages for 1903 and 1904


Births for Dec 1905 - Jan 1906 for (1905 births on record is for Dec only)

The only births listed for 1905 are for December and this is only a partial month at best. I also have listed some of the births for

January 1906 because they were intertwined.


I cannot tell you why only partial months for DEC are on these rolls but that is what I got. I do want to note that the births for 1850's state, "Done from memory"!

Corrections have an * next to the name, the changes have been submitted by persons researching this particular family



Copyright by Dept of Library and Archives Frankfurt KY 1980

Updated: 27 April 08 to date there are 2851 births transcribed